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The Power of Positivity

Salam everyone! I hope you are doing well today. Today I wanted to touch on the importance of a positive mindset.

It seems that so many people love to complain nowadays. Many people complain about their family members, their spouse, their children, even their own selves! Unfortunately, what many people don’t realize is that this habit of complaining can impact their own feelings in a very negative way. The more you feed the “complaint monster” the worse someone tends to feel! This is ironic because a way many people think they are “releasing stress” is by complaining and it only further compounds their stress and unhappiness.

So I would like to ask you all today to try to make a sincere effort to stop complaining. Focus on the good in your life! Write out a list today of 100 reasons why you are grateful and don’t stop until you’ve written down at LEAST 100 reasons! Then keep this list and re-read it at least once per week (ideally once per day!). Come back and comment how this has helped you!

Wishing you nothing but happiness and success in this life and the next!

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