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How to make a Dua List

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels.com

Dua is known by many as “the weapon of the believer”. Dua is also called supplication. It is the act of asking our Creator for the things we want and need in this life and the next.

We cannot have anything in this life or the next without Allah willing it. The only way to change destiny is through dua so it is important to make a lot of it for all of our needs and wants and to do so as consistently as possible.

First, take out a piece of paper or a notepad/Wordpad document on your computer and just write down everything you can think of that you want and need in this life and the next. Don’t stop until you can’t come up with any more ideas. From there think of a time that you can make these dua. If the list is very long divide them up into equal portions and make dua at different times for each portion.

For example, let’s say you have 50 dua. Try to make the list into 5 sets of 10 and perhaps make 10 of those dua after each obligatory prayer. This way it is not overwhelming and you are consistent in making each of your dua.

It is important that you make these dua as much as possible and with the full certainty that they will, eventually, be answered in sha Allah. This is very important.

Remember to add to your list whenever any new desires come to mind and cross out or highlight/delete the ones that have been answered!

This will double as a way to feel gratitude towards Allah for some of the blessings He gives us.

Do you have a dua list? Leave a comment and let us know any tips you have! Jazak Allah Khayr

I hope that all of your beneficial dua are answered swiftly!

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    1. Jazak Allah Khayr for caring about me and letting me know! As far as I’m aware having pictures of living things in your home is something that should be avoided. This also applies to art. That being said I am unsure of the ruling of non-drawn images on websites. Thank you again for caring enough to make this comment! Jazak Allah Khayr. May Allah give you the best in this life and the next.


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