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COLLAB: What is your recommended way to achieve Jannah?

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Salam everyone! I hope that you are doing well. Today we have a very special collab post with recommendations on how to achieve jannah, in sha Allah! I hope that you enjoy! Please be sure to comment with any other suggestions that you may have.



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Straighten our aqeedah and collect all the following 3 things (or at least one of these 3 with complete ihsan) sincerely for the sake of Allah:
Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “When a person dies, his deeds are cut off except for 3:
Continuing charity,
knowledge that others benefited from,
and a righteous child who supplicates for him/her.”
[Tirmidhi 1376]
Sadaqah is a charity that starts where you started it and ends where you end it. For eg: When I smile, it’s charity. When I stop smiling, it ends there. Although Allah can turn any sadaqah into sadaqah jaariyah – which is an ongoing charity. If the benefit of it continues, so does the reward. For eg: you built a mosque for the sake of Allah and after you pass away, people will pray there and you will receive the reward of them all.
We started ayeina.com to collect some source of sadaqah jaariyah for ourselves. We really hope and pray that it becomes just that for us in aakhirah. Aameen.
Beneficial knowledge is whatever (halal) education that’s shared for the sake of Allah.
For us, our products are the Islamic Psychology knowledge by which we hope that people derive benefit even when we are gone. One of them being a Jannah Journal 🙂 an ultimate collection of all the jannah ahadith and verses divided into 5 human senses – touch/feel, tastes, smells, sounds and sights of Jannah!
Not just kids, but pious ones. And not just ones who have taqwa, but those who remember you in their duas even when you’re long gone. Because you invested time in them. Because you left them with good memories.
May our kids be a source of sadaqah jaariyah for us all. If you have kids, remember that they as sadaqah jaariyah come before any other sadaqah. Because they are also our obligation.


Islamic Books For Kids

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Islam is they way of living life and, teaching our children small & simple habits that they’ll remember is the key. When habits are inbuilt they slowly become a life style. These are some small things we do in our daily life.

1)Teaching the translation in the language they speak is most important with Arabic.

2)The prophet Mohammed [is reported to have said] “Engage your tongue in dikr” The easiest one’s are Subhan Allah, Alhamdulliah, Allah hu Akbar, Astagfirullah.

3)Read Surah Fatiha and 3 Quls (ahad, nas, falaq) multiple times a day. I believe Surah Fatiha is the guidance to life.

4)Following the Sunnah! Smile often, be polite, be kind to people and nature

5)Making dua for anything and everything. Big or small – Always ask Allah first and start working towards it.


21st Century Pakistani Girl

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My recommended way to achieve jannah is to try to get as close to Allah as possible, by constantly fighting the nafs, always placing Allah before anything else.


Andale Seaworne

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Jannah – where the fruits of all our endeavors lie. Where the grass is greener than ever before.
Where rivers trickle and gush across the valley in multitudes endlessly. Where suffering, pain, hopelessness and evil have been thrown to burn in Hell, not leaving even a scar on Allah Subhana Ta’allah’s Blessed Land.
Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of various beliefs, who are dedicated, work endlessly throughout their lives to reach this wonderful destination. The effort is of a huge amount, for an extensive period, tiresome, emotionally draining and often times at the edge of hope. Why do they do it? They do it because in the end all this pain and toil is worth it.
How does one get to achieve this glorious treasure? The answer is simple. The main path that leads to this treasure is through the Holy Book of Quran and the Sunnah of our blessed and honorable Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). If we implement on these teachings and principles, Jannah is guaranteed to us, so much that Allah promised that it will be guaranteed to us. Hence, it is important to regularly learn and implement on these teachings.
However, often times we read through and learn these teachings but when we return to the world from our comfortable corners, we find it difficult to blend them with our community and surroundings, we get distracted and lose ourselves to them. Hence, an effective way of following these commandments which is simple but takes time is to imagine that Allah is with us and Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is walking right beside us.
When you imagine that Allah is with you, you imagine Him hearing your thoughts; looking at what you’re seeing, listening to what you’re hearing, and moving with your every limb. When you hold on to this imagery firmly, you will not take even an inch of a step astray from the path of the right and true. You’ll refrain from harboring jealousy and anger, gazing inappropriately to the opposite gender, listening and talking related to vulgar and obscene conversations and music, consuming Haram food and drinks and earning through illegal means. Hence, you’ll flinch before considering to do an act
that will make Allah angry and disappointed and will help enhance your fear and love for Him.
When you imagine that Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), your greatest role model and inspiration, is walking beside you, you try your level best to walk, talk and act while thinking, “What would Muhammad (SAW) do in this situation?” You try your level best to follow in his footsteps as he followed the commandments and obligations of Allah. You help those in need without expecting anything in return as he would. You throw water on your anger as he would. You forgive others wrongdoings as easily as he would and you face every trial, tribulation and obstacle with perseverance and hope that Allah helps those who help themselves and others.
By holding onto these important figures in your mind, body and soul, every action of yours is a service to Allah and follows every Sunnah of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), (or at least that is what we must aim for with all our imperfections). I believe if we keep BOTH of them as an important part of our daily life, we grow to understand and love them from our deepest cores, remain content, satisfied and hopeful individuals ready to take on the world and stay firm on our course to Jannah.
May Allah accept our intentions and good deeds, keep us on this sacred path, forgive our sins and shortcomings and grant us Jannat-ul-Firdous.


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