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The Muslims Guide to: Health and Fitness

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Bismillah! Elhamed lillah our book is now ready to distribute! This book has lots of information linking science, Islam, health and fitness. I wanted to help those, who may not be able to afford the book, by offering it for free.

What you may learn, in sha Allah:

  • *Scientific evidence for various acts of worship
  • *Health sunnah from our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh – Peace be upon him)
  • *The importance of exercise and recommended forms of exercise
  • *The healing power of Islamic prayer
  • *Eating in the Islamically acceptable way
  • *Eating in season (and WHY it’s important!)
  • *Healing remedies from the Quran and sunnah
  • *Healthy food recommendations (brands, etc.)
  • *Simple healthy recipes
  • *And more!

Click here or the stop sign to read this warning FIRST before downloading the book. 

Once you have read and agree to the above warning/disclaimer you may download the below book for free.

Download The Muslims Guide to: Health and Fitness for free by clicking here!

The Muslims Guide to – Health and Fitness

Your duas are of course GREATLY appreciated! You can also support the author by using any of the amazon affiliate links within the book to purchase anything on amazon or by clicking here and making any purchase. Jazak Allah Khayr!

Please leave a comment if there is anything haram (or even doubtful) in this book so that I may update it, in sha Allah, in the next version. Thank you so much for any help! Jazak Allah Khayr.

Please feel free to share this free book with your family and friends who you think may benefit! Jazak Allah Khayr.

20 thoughts on “The Muslims Guide to: Health and Fitness”

      1. Alaikum uss Salam wa Rahmat u Allahi wa Barakatuhu!

        Jazakum Allah khayran!! Didn’t expect to get such a prompt response, you made my day brighter 😀

        Baraka Allahu Feekum..

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  1. Such an in-depth information about health and wellness. This little book is going to be a good resource for anyone who wants to prioritize his or her health. I actually downloaded my copy the very first day this book was made available. JazaakilLah khair sister for all that you do.

    Liked by 3 people

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