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The Incredible Importance of Seasonal and Wholesome Foods

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The importance of seasonal and wholesome food is something that we should all try to learn about. What we eat, how much we eat and when we eat it can all have an effect on our health.

In the Quran there are instances which mention the importance of us eating halal foods. Halal and tayyib are sometimes mentioned together. Halal has been translated to mean allowed/lawful and tayyib as meaning healthy/wholesome/nutritious/good. It is best if the food we eat is halal, tastes good to us personally and is also healthy and nutritious.

O ye messengers! enjoy (all) things good and pure, and work righteousness: for I am well-acquainted with (all) that ye do. (The Holy Quran 23:51 – Yusuf Ali Translation)

O ye people! Eat of what is on earth, Lawful and good; and do not follow the footsteps of the evil one, for he is to you an avowed enemy. (The Holy Quran 2:168 – Yusuf Ali Translation)

Wholesome foods are considered to be foods that are found in nature and that are healthy for us to eat. For example: animals on the earth (aside from pigs), seafood (fish etc.), fruits, vegetables, raw and freshly milked animal milks, whole grains (brown rice and 100% whole wheat products), olive oil, raw unfiltered honey, etc. Processed, junk and fast foods are not generally considered to be wholesome.

By filling our bodies with nutrient-dense and wholesome foods we may feel full faster (due to the higher fiber, water and protein content that is contained within many of these healthy foods), our health may dramatically improve in sha Allah (due to the nutrients and vitamins/minerals contained therein) and we will be eating the foods that were put on Earth for us to enjoy. Not man-edited chemical laden, and potentially harmful, fake foods.

The importance of eating seasonally is something to look into as well.

It is He Who produceth gardens, with trellises and without, and dates, and tilth with produce of all kinds, and olives and pomegranates, similar (in kind) and different (in variety): eat of their fruit in their season… (The Holy Quran 6:141 Translated by: Yusuf Ali 1985)

Eating seasonally has been discovered to also be very good for us.

As quoted from, “Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season. Even though we all like to eat strawberries year round, the best time to eat them is when they can be purchased directly from a local grower shortly after harvest. Seasonal fruits and vegetables produced on local farms are often fresher, as they do not require long distances for transport. Also, unlike out of season produce which is harvested early in order to be shipped and distributed to your local retail store, crops picked at their peak of ripeness are also better tasting and full of flavor. What’s more, studies have shown that fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients when allowed to ripen naturally on their parent plant.”

“Foods that are grown and consumed during their appropriate seasons are more nutritionally dense. In a study monitoring the vitamin C content of broccoli, it was found that broccoli grown during its peak season (hint: fall) had a higher vitamin C content than broccoli grown during the spring. When foods are grown out of season, they aren’t able to follow their natural growing and ripening rhythms. In order for certain fruits and vegetables to be available year-round, post-harvest treatments, known as ripening agents, are used. These include chemicals, gases, and heat processes. Some produce is also coated with an edible film to protect it.” (

As always, in every way, following the Quran and sunnah leads us to the best in this life and the next. Allah truly designed us in an amazing way and teaches us exactly what is best for us. Stop following health trends and start following what the Creator who designed us actually gives us.

Resources (Find out what’s in season near you [if you live in the USA]). (Please ignore the wine recommendations. It is clearly harmful. Jazak Allah Khayr) (Shows meats, fruits, veggies, etc. that are in season this month)


Jazak Allah Khayr for reading!

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